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the greatest BS ever

2008-11-04 22:09:26 by Ogiyose

This is the greatest creation ever....

the greatest BS ever

No place for F*ckers in heaven

2008-10-12 23:53:41 by Ogiyose

By Ogiyose

WARNING: No spelling check, no grammer check and do not read unless you hav too much time on ur hands.

Along long time ago in the city of Townsville (not the same Townsville as the PPGs) there lived an evil villain who had tentacles which he used to rape HOT CHICKS EVERYWHERE ... Legends foretold that in the year of the black scorpion, a hero will rise from the depths of hell to destroy this evil once and for all. THIS is the story of that hero ... THIS is the story of FLAMEDAWG the second!!!

"DON'T LEAVE USSSsss..." hisses thousands of hell-maids, arms clawing and teeth snapping away at he guy... ... He was red as if made of Sausage meat, also , he was Bald ,Muscular, Tall and wore nothing but a tight black latex pants, a pair of sunnies, black biker's gloves and a triangular necklace . In other words... he's a freak.

"sorry babes, gotta go... I owe jesus a favor..." with that said, Flamedawg turns around and heads for the gates of hell. Outta the flames and into the concrete jungle. he finds himself In a toilet cubicle... smells like shit ... ... and dead people ... ... made of shit. He looked down and saw in the water surface of the crap-bowl a "reflection" becoming clearer and clearer, but it wasn't his face, it was his old buddy jesus.

" WASSUP DAWG! LONG TIME NO SEE!" jesus exclaimed. "The mission is simple, find villain (yea thats the villains name) and destroy him... Jesus, over and out." Jesus's face then becomes less and less opaque and seconds later he was gone... revealing the piece of shit lying at the bottom of the bowl. Man that was a beautiful piece of shit, it was like a piece of art... ANYWAYS, Flamedawg stomped outta cubicle grumbling and destroyed the door standing in his way. he proceeds to destroy the toilet door and found out that he was in a strip club.

He stared noiseless at the girls doing their stuff. Everything was a blur and his heart was throbbing like crazy. cold sweat dripped down his forehead eventhough he felt like he was burning hot. Then he took a deep breath... and then ...

Flamedawg:"OOOOooooooH YEAH!!!!"

~TO BE CONTINUED!!! ... maybe... hopefully... watever~

No place for F*ckers in heaven